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Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

CSC-Aachen Workshop on parametric model order reduction


Peter Benner, Martin Stoll, Janine Holzmann

In order to establish a fruitful connection between the Max Planck Institute for the Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems and the RWTH Aachen we are holding a workshop titled "Parametric Model Order Reduction." Parametric model reduction has become an essential tool in many modern applications and this meeting is intended on showing some state-of-the-art techniques to achieve an efficient reduced representation of the full model. Please contact Martin Stoll (stollm@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de) if you have any questions.

General Information

Room: MPI Magdeburg, V0.05
Date: 07/05/2011
Time Name Title of the Talk
09.00Tobias BreitenRecent advances in bilinear model reduction with application to parameter-varying systems
09.30Lihong FengParametric Model Order Reduction based on Multi-moment Matching
10.00Michael MangoldApplication of POD to reduced order modeling of a crystallizer for urea production
11.00Karen VeroyAn RB Overview: From Error Estimation to Parameter Estimation
11.30Martin GreplReduced Basis A Posteriori Error Bounds for Linear-Quadratic Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
13.00Ulrike BaurModel Reduction for Parametric Systems using Balanced Truncation and Interpolation
13:30Anna-Lena GernerThe Certified Reduced Basis Method for Saddle Point Problems
14.30PhD student session

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