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FVV pilot study

Modern model reduction methods for elastic components in the simulation of flexible multi body systems

(funded by Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen e.V.)

Project director: Researcher: Duration: 03.01.2010 - 31.12.2010

Project description:
The goal of this research is to prove the suitability of modern order reduction methods for industrial applications. Based on this pilot study the FVV member companies will then be able to decide, whether modern model order reduction techniques can serve as an error approved, efficient alternative to modal truncation methods in the simulation of elastic multibody systems. In case of positive evaluation of the piot study afterwards a joint FVV/DFG project is proposed with the following topics:
  • model order reduction for EHD, elastic bearing, ...
  • extension of the methods for very large systems to the case of many inputs (for EHD, e.g., 1000-2000 input terminals)
  • Design of a plattform independent software module (preprocessor) which can be coupled with different MBS or EHD-tools
  • comparison of the modern order reduction and previous static-modal truncation methods regarding quality of the results and CPU time differences in EHD-simulation models relevant in pratice in the area of combustion engines.

In the process of the pilot study the following tasks are to be addressed:
  • automatic reduction methods with designated mapping properties (i.e., prescribed errortolerances)
  • choice of reduced degrees of freedom with respect to controllability rather than based on sorted eigen frequencies
  • extensive cmparison of modal and modern reduction methods when used in industrial applications
  • prove easy applicability and handling of modern reduction methods
  • validation for better approximation results after shorter computation times

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P. Kürschner
Modelordnungsreduktion für dynamische Systeme zweiter Ordnung, Miniworkshop MPI - Fraunhofer IFF - OvGU, Magdeburg, 10. Mai, 2011

P. Kürschner
Balancierungsbasierte Modellreduktion mit der Numerikbibliothek M.E.S.S., FVV Arbeitskreissitzung "Optimale FE-Reduktion", Frankfurt-Niederrad, 30. November, 2010

P. Kürschner
Balancierungsbasierte Modellreduktion mit der Numerikbibliothek M.E.S.S., FVV Arbeitskreissitzung "Optimale FE-Reduktion", Frankfurt-Niederrad, 7. September, 2010

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