Preprint No. MPIMD/13-22

Title: Interfacing C-M.E.S.S. with Python

Author(s): Björn Baran, Martin Köhler, Nitin Prasad, Jens Saak


Date: 2013-11-19


The M.E.S.S. software suite is the successor of the obsolete LyaPack MATLAB® toolbox for solving large scale matrix equations and related problems. The software suite consists of a new MATLAB toolbox and a separate C library C-M.E.S.S. which works independent from MATLAB. Due to the fact that many scientists use Python with NumPy and SciPy for their everyday work we want to provide the key algorithm of M.E.S.S. for them, too. This report describes how we build an interface between Python and C-M.E.S.S. on top of the NumPy-SciPy-Python libraries.


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