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1. Fill the Announce form and submit, you get the number of your preprint

2. Adjust pprint.tex (See Download LaTeX-Style, or the SVN Repository)
- Replace title, report number, authors
- Add your content, or include a file containing it.

3. Create PDF documents
Make sure that they are searchable and <5MB (indexing by google scholar).

4. Fill the upload form and submit

Note: Do not reserve numbers in advance for unfinished preprints.
We will erase them from the database.
In case of trouble with the preprint-server ask Jens Saak

Note: If the Publisher ask a link to the final publication, please send an email.

Note: It is possible to publish additional material (videos, source code, ...) together with your preprint. Please contact Jens Saak (saak@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de) for more details.

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31 August 2018