November 12 Von Mikro zu Nano: Mathematik für die Computer von morgen
Dies academicus MATHEMATIK — Alles, was zählt
TU Chemnitz, Germany.
September 28 - October 3 Advances in Balancing-Related Model Reduction for Circuit Simulation
Opening lecture at SCEE 2008 - Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.
June 16 - 20 Balancing-Related Model Reduction for Large-Scale Unstable Systems
15th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society
Cancún, México.
June 1 - 6 Solving Algebraic Riccati Equations for Stabilization of Incompressible Flows
Plenary lecture, Householder Symposium XVII
Zeuthen, Germany.
April 28 Numerical Solution of Large-Scale Algebraic Riccati Equations
Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.
March 31 - April 4 Iterative Solution of Large-Scale Algebraic Riccati Equations with Indefinite Hessian
Special topic lecture, section "Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra", GAMM Annual Meeting
University of Bremen, Germany.
March 27 - 29 On the Numerical Solution of Differential Operator Riccati Equations in PDE Control
Workshop PDE Constrained Optimization: Recent Challenges and Future Developments
University of Hamburg, Germany.
January 4 - 8 A Krylov-Schur-type Algorithm for Eigenproblems with Hamiltonian Spectral Symmetry
Invited lecture, Recent Advances in Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems (RANMEP2008)
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.