Program Overview

Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00--9:00 breakfast breakfast
9:00--10:00 invited lecture:
Laura Grigori
invited lecture:
Ulrich Rüde
10:00--10:30 coffee break coffee break
10:30--12:30 contributed talks
Session I
contributed talks
Session II
12:30--14:00 lunch
14:00--15:00 invited lecture:
Axel Klawonn
15:00--15:40 registration invited lecture:
Hartwig Anzt
15:40--16:00 welcome (Gartenzimmer) coffee break
16:00--17:00 invited lecture:
Jack Dongarra
contributed talks
Session III
17:00--17:40 invited lecture:
Matthias Bolten
invited lecture:
Markus Geveler
17:40--18:30 guided castle tour open discussion and closing
18:30--20:00 dinner conference dinner dinner

Program Details

The titles of the invited lectures can be found on the main page. The schedule for the contributed sessions is as follows.

Contributed Talks Session I Thursday morning

10:30-11:00 :
Sue Thorne,
"Energy consumption of the Jacobi method: shared memory and single/double precision"
11:00-11:30 :
Krzysztof Rojek,
"Improving energy efficiency of MPDATA on GPU-based supercomputers using mixed precision arithmetic"
11:30-12:00 :
Ernesto Dufrechou,
"Studying mixed precision techniques for the solution of algebraic Riccati equations"
12:00-12:30 :
Julio Ortega,
"Energy-aware scheduling for parallel evolutionary algorithms in heterogeneous architectures"

Contributed Talks Session II Friday morning

10:30-11:00 :
Martin Köhler,
"Frequency scaling and energy efficiency regarding the Gauss-Jordan elimination scheme on OpenPower 8"
11:00-11:30 :
María Barreda,
"Characterization of multicore architectures using task-parallel ILU-type preconditioned CG solvers"
11:30-12:00 :
José I. Aliaga,
"Harvesting energy in ILUPACK via slack elimination"
12:00-12:30 :
Carolin Penke,
"GPU-accelerated implementation of the storage-efficient QR decomposition"

Contributed Talks Session III Friday afternoon

16:00-16:30 :
Anamika Chowdhury,
"Domain knowledge specification for energy tuning"
16:30-17:00 :
Christian Himpe,
"Comprehensive memory-bound simulations on single board computers"

Program Locations

The lecture program will take place at the main conference room at Ringberg Castle. For open discussions the castle has 2 smaller seminar rooms, a library, several smaller rooms and (since it is summer) a large garden terrace.