December 3 Optimale Steuerung komplexer Prozesse
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex technical Systems, Magdeburg, Germany.
June 17 ADI-based Methods for Algebraic Lyapunov and Riccati Equations
Invited talk at CICADA / MIMS Workshop on Numerics for Control and Simulation
Manchester, UK.
March 9 System-Theoretic and Interpolatory Methods for Parametric Model Reduction
CAAM Colloquium
Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University, USA.
March 2 - 6 Model Reduction for Linear Inverse Problems
Minisymposium Model Reduction, SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering
Miami, FL, USA.
February 11 - 13 System-Theoretic Methods for Model Reduction of Large-Scale Systems: Simulation, Control, and Inverse Problems
Plenary lecture, MATHMOD 2009 - 6th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.