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Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

Reading Group 2022

CSC Team Leaders and Diana Noatsch-Liebke

Reading Group


Teilnehmer: Mitarbeiter, Bacheloranden und Masteranden der Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory, ...
Ort: MPI Magdeburg V0.05-2/3 and BBB
Zeit: Mittwoch 14:00Uhr - 16:30Uhr


12.10.22 Teams PML/SDS/DRITBA
16.11.22 Team SESTBA
past events
29.06.22 14:30-17:00Team DISCvirtual environments, docker, singularity/apptainer
11.05.22 14:30-17:00Team MORA learning-based projection method for model order reduction of transport problems (Harshit)
and Rapid spatio-temporal flood prediction and uncertainty quantification using a deep learning method (Shuwen)
20.04.22 14:30-17:00Team CACSDAnalytical framework for gain scheduling (Yongho)
and Self-scheduled H-∞ control of linear parameter-varying systems: a design example (Jan)
16.03.22 Team NLMATBA

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