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Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

CSC Seminar 2021

Prof. Dr. P. Benner, Dr. S. Grundel, Dr. C. Himpe

Forschungsseminar der Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory


Teilnehmer: Mitarbeiter, Diplomanden und Masteranden der Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
Ort: MPI Magdeburg V0.05/2+3 and BBB
Zeit: Dienstag 14:00Uhr -- 15:00Uhr


18.05.21 Christian Himpe & Petar Mlinarić & Jens Saak & Steffen WernerMOR Software (co-developed in the CSC group)
08.06.21 Alessandro Alla (PUC-Rio)TBA
13.07.21 Michele Martone (LRZ)TBA
03.08.21 Kirandeep KourTBA
past events
11.05.21 Vipin KumarStudy of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
04.05.21 14:00Manuel Schaller (TU Ilmenau)Turnpike analysis and efficient discretization for MPC of PDEs
04.05.21 14:30Friedrich Philipp (TU Ilmenau)Optimal control of port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems with minimal energy supply
27.04.21 Time: 16:00Ion Victor Gosea & Dimitrios KarachaliosExtensions of the Loewner framework to quadratic-bilinear systems: some recent results
20.04.21 Tommaso Taddei (INRIA Bordeaux South-West)Registration-based model reduction of parameterized advection-dominated PDEs
13.04.21 Time: 18:00Youngsoo Choi (LLNL)Where are we with data-driven surrogate modeling for various physical simulations?
30.03.21 Neeraj SarnaConnections between image registration and model-order reduction for transport dominated problems
09.02.21 Davide PalittaThe (block) rational Lanczos method and applications

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