December 12 - 15 New Hamiltonian Eigensolvers with Applications in Control
44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference ECC 2005
Sevilla, Spain.
November 21 - 24 Model Reduction for Parabolic Control Systems Based on Balanced Truncation
Invited talk at Workshop on Efficient Methods for Time-dependent Optimal Control: Preconditioning, Reduced Order Modelling and Feedback Control
Linz, Austria.
September 19 - 23 Passivity Preserving Model Reduction for Large-Scale Systems
Invited talk at Workshop on Model Order Reduction, Coupled Problems and Optimization
Lorentz Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.
May 23 - 27 The Matrix Factorization Paradigm in Solving Matrix Equations
Plenary lecture, Householder Symposium XVI
Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania, USA.
April 15 The Newton-ADI Method for Large-Scale Algebraic Riccati Equations
Workshop on Matrix Equations
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany.
March 28 - April 1 Numerical Methods for Model Reduction of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
Plenary lecture, GAMM Annual Meeting 2005
March 15 - 18 Ein neues Kriterium zur Überprüfung des Positive Real Lemmas für Deskriptorsysteme
7th Workshop on Descriptor Systems
Liboranium, Paderborn, Germany.
February 27 - March 5 New Test for Passivity of Descriptor Systems
Oberwolfach Meeting on Control Theory 2005
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany.
January 27 Große Systeme ganz klein - Modellreduktion in der Mikrosystemtechnik
TU Chemnitz, Germany.