October 29 Low-Rank Tensor Methods for PDE-constrained Optimization under Uncertainty
CAAM Colloquium
RICE University, Houston, USA.
October 25 Low-Rank Tensor Methods for PDE-constrained Optimization under Uncertainty
ICES Seminar
UT Austin, Texas, USA.
October 15 - 19 Low-rank Tensor Methods for Simulation, Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification of Parametric PDEs
Invited talk at IPAM Workshop HPC and Data Science for Scientific Discovery
UCLA, California, USA.
September 10 - 12 Space-time Galerkin POD for Optimal Control of Nonlinear PDEs
Minisymposium at 5th European Conference on Computational Optimization
Trier, Germany.
September 3 - 7 Gramian-based Model Reduction for Classes of Nonlinear Systems
Minisymposium at NUMDIFF-15
Halle, Germany.
July 23 - 27 Stabilizing Flow Problems using State-Dependent Riccati Equations
Minisymposium at IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modelling and Optimization
Essen, Germany.
July 3 - 6 LQG and H Balanced Truncation for Active Flow Control
Minisymposium at 14th Viennese Conference on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games
Vienna, Austria.
June 20 - 22 Riccati-Based Feedback Control on Nonlinear Unsteady PDEs
Invited talk at International Workshop on Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems and Applications
Osijek, Croatia.
June 1 - 2 A Low-rank Inexact Newton-Krylov Method for Stochastic Eigenvalue Problems
39th Northern German Colloquium on Applied Analysis and Numerical Mathematics
TU Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany.
May 10 - 11 Low-rank Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization under Uncertainty
ICIAM Workshop on Applied & Industrial Mathematics 2018
Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.
April 19 - 20 New Gramians for Switched Linear Systems: Reachability, Observability, and Model Reduction
GAMM FA Dynamik and Regelungstheorie
Berlin, Germany.
March 19 - 23 Low-rank Methods for Linear Bayesian Inverse Problems
Minisymposium at GAMM Jahrestagung 2018
Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany.
February 8 - 9 Model Order Reduction for Smooth Nonlinear Systems
EU-MORNET Workshop
Tartu, Estonia.
February 2 Recent Advances in Parametric Model Order Reduction (of Descriptor Systems)
EU-MORNET Workshop MOR 4 Mechatronics
Wilhelmshaven Germany.